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Herbal and Holistic Method

Herbal and Holistic Methods

Herbal medicine has been used for thousands of years all around the world. This method of medicine has been around longer than western medicine and can have some promising results. Most of today’s prescription medications are made by taking the most important medicinal component of a plant and isolating it to become more potent. The pro to this is that prescription medications can treat some diseases faster than traditional herbal methods. The con of this is that these synthetic medications are so concentrated and powerful that the side effects are sometimes worse than the benefits. This is part of the reason for many deaths and other severe issues that come along with taking prescription drugs.
Herbs work best when prescribed with other components, particularly some of the eastern herbs that we carry, the different ingredients of a formula balance each other creative organic and natural results. This holistic approach seeks primarily to correct many internal imbalances rather than to treat symptoms alone, and is which help the body to start regulating itself and begin a self-healing process.
Herbal remedies are a cost effective route and serve as a natural holistic treatment to costly and toxic prescription drugs. These herbal medicines may come in the form of decoctions, pills, powders, or tinctures. Many herbal medicines also require external applications in the form of compresses, lotions, liniments, and plasters which penetrate through the skin. Our team will be able to guide you into how to make this most effective.