Vibrant VATA (Ayurvedic Body Type)

Ayurveda is the oldest known form of healthcare in the universe. It originated in India 5000 or more years ago. Ayurveda is about self understanding. By understanding your own unique elements or body type, you can understand what is good and bad for you. That way you can balance your inner elements and get optimum health. In such a way, Ayurveda shows the path of optimum health which is different for each person depending upon their Prakriti (Body Type).

Constitution, or Body Type, is a science of Tri-Dosha. Tri-Dosha means three Doshas, known as VATA, PITTA & KAPHA. These are unique combinations from five elements like:



VATA (Air & Ether): Vibrant, Talkative, Enthusiastic, Creative & Energetic

Qualities – Light, Dry, Cold, Mobile
Dominant Season – Fall through Mid-Winter

VATA is one of the important Doshas because it is responsible for every movement in the body. VATA is known to have a dominant personality. They can get out of balance very easily but can correct themselves easily.


VATA Personality – VATA persons usually are amazingly creative and talkative. They may worry a lot. Their mind may never stop thinking, due to the Air element in VATAs. Because of their creative energy, they may be a good artist or a professional speaker. VATAs also like to enjoy music and sounds of nature. They may want to keep life fresh. They like changes, and they are very quick and spontaneous.


VATA Body  – VATAs can be shorter or taller with bony structure. They may have curly hair, small eyes and dry skin. Their skin may turn dark in sunlight easily.


Imbalance VATA  – When VATAs are imbalance, they feel sluggish, constipation, bloating and have a weak immunity. If they are out of control mentally, they get confused, overwhelmed and have difficulty in focusing and sleeping. Emotionally they also have worries, fear and anxiety.


Balancing VATA  – To balance VATA, food should be warm, nourishing and moist. It may consist of cooked grains with cooked vegetables. Warm milk with spices are good for VATAs. VATAs can add ginger as a spice in their food. Ashwagandha is also a good herb for VATAs. Self-Massage with VATA Balancing oil  and rest can give great relief.


As when you evaluate your body type (PRAKRITI), you need to understand that an individual may not perfectly match the description of  a particular body type. For example, If your predominant Dosha is VATA, yet you may be Dwi-Doshic (Bi-Doshic) type with PITTA or KAPHA characteristics. Even two same body types like VATAs are may not be the same physically or mentally. But underlying the VATA body type will manifest some similarity in their bodies as well as mind.